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Treat your fans to digital experiences where the technology stands up to the quality of your performances, whether they’re live, pre-recorded or on demand. Earn 85% of the revenue and grow your global audience.

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Get front row seats to world-class music and theatre, wherever you are in the world. Join your friends and other fans to watch incredible performances in beautiful high definition. Help ensure a bright future for the performing arts.

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Use our platform with your in-house teams or work with our award-winning production team to light up the world beyond your stage. We offer HD video and audio streaming, plus secure and flexible ticketing options.

OnJam is here for intimate front row experiences, moments you’ll lose yourself in, and shared memories you’ll hold onto forever

See your favourite musicians very close up or in unusual, interesting locations.

Be part of immersive, interactive theatre and film experiences made for digital audiences.

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Artists, arts organisations and venues earn 85% of revenue with OnJam, so you can enjoy the show with an extra warm glow

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Use our purpose-built technology to connect with unlimited, global audiences in beautiful high definition.

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OnJam is an absolute delight to use, both as an artist and as an audience member. The interface is minimalist and intuitive; the quality outstanding...I’ll be using OnJam regularly for my future performances and I think it will be a game changer...

Alisdair Hogarth

Pianist and Director of The Prince Consort