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What fans are saying

It's been so good to hear your wonderful music with such amazing sound quality. Francis

Just watched for the second time, fantastic concert. Loved every minute. - Helen

grazie del momento estasiante che cia hai dato 😍😍😍 - Achille

Superb performance all round. I went back to listen to a few bits as I went: instant encore! - Margaret

Your sound quality is fabulous! It's like being in the room with you, even though I am watching you on my computer. - Michelle

  • OnJam is an absolute delight to use, both as an artist and as an audience member. The interface is minimalist and intuitive; the quality outstanding...I’ll be using OnJam regularly for my future performances and I think it will be a game changer...

    Alisdair Hogarth
    Pianist and Director of The Prince Consort

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