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EASYMESS at The Rattle


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EASYMESS presents an original set of old and new songs, including "Out of Sight" and "The Monster".

This is a 33-minute close-up set with a short interview with Adrien (EASYMESS) and his band-mate Brian Grogan at the end.

They talk about music and their lives as musicians over the last 18 months living through the pandemic in London.

This original set was filmed in full high definition in a single take at The Rattle in East London on 29 July 2021.

Sneak peek:

Set list

1. Foxes and Fireworks

2. Out of Sight

3. Now It's Yours

4. The Monster

5. Pixelated

6. Freedom

About the artist

Easymess is a solo project by Adrien Latgé. 

Between Folk, Blues and unexpected influences, Easymess talks about life, freedom of choices, and any thought of his twisted mind.

Adrien performs with bandmate Brian Grogan in this set.

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Easymess is the stage name of 25 year old, French born London based multi instrumentalist Adrien Latgé. After years of p...roviding drums and backing vocals for other artists, he embarked on his own solo project in 2015 with his debut release ‘Hermione’s Bag’.
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