Creative Ways To Use OnJam Rooms For Your Online Event

Emily Ingram - 28th September 2021

OnJam Rooms make it easy to turn any filmed or livestreamed concert into a fun, social and multi-dimensional event for your audience.

OnJam Is Named One of 100 CreaTech Ones To Watch 2021

Emily Ingram - 20th September 2021

Exciting news: the UK Creative Industries Council (CIC) has selected OnJam as one of this year’s CreaTech Ones To Watch!

OnJam Lounge is launching in September 2021

Emily Ingram - 1st September 2021

This September 2021, we’re launching a new series of concerts for online audiences: OnJam Lounge. OnJam Lounge features hand-picked musicians performing original concerts in non-traditional or interesting spaces. For music fans, OnJam Lounge is an exciting way to see musicians close up and in a different light. For artists, the series is a financially accessible … Continue reading “OnJam Lounge is launching in September 2021”

How To Choose A Venue For Your Online Concert

Emily Ingram - 31st August 2021

Online concerts, whether they’re filmed or livestreamed, can be anywhere. But how do you choose a venue? How can you know it’s the right one? Regular venues like concert halls, theatres, churches, pubs and gig venues are great, especially if you plan on having a sizeable in-person audience. But if you want to make something … Continue reading “How To Choose A Venue For Your Online Concert”

Our Roundup Of Interesting Online Concert Venues

Emily Ingram - 22nd August 2021

We see all kinds of online concert venues at OnJam. As you consider where your next concert might take place, we thought it might be useful to compile a list of the most common and unusual ones we’ve seen so far… 1. Warehouse spaces Who doesn’t love a good warehouse space?! Warehouses are a great … Continue reading “Our Roundup Of Interesting Online Concert Venues”

11 ways to sell more tickets to your online concerts

Emily Ingram - 18th April 2021

How to spread the word about your online concert or show

How to price tickets for online shows: everything you need to know

Emily Ingram - 14th April 2021

Selling tickets to online concerts or shows can seem daunting at first. Will people pay for a ticket? How much will they pay? How should I set the right price for my target audience?

Musicians: take control of your own ticket sales with OnJam+Feed

Emily Ingram - 9th April 2021

Discover how the combination of OnJam+Feed can be a powerful monetisation tool for artists.

How I found a co-founder in a pandemic and finally accepted LinkedIn messages

Emily Ingram - 8th March 2021

I used to think that sending unsolicited messages on LinkedIn was just for headhunters and weirdos.