OnJam Lounge is launching in September 2021

This September 2021, we’re launching a new series of concerts for online audiences: OnJam Lounge.

OnJam Lounge features hand-picked musicians performing original concerts in non-traditional or interesting spaces.

For music fans, OnJam Lounge is an exciting way to see musicians close up and in a different light.

For artists, the series is a financially accessible way to produce high quality online concerts. It also gives artists a chance to build a viable revenue stream using OnJam’s technology.

We welcome musicians and groups from all genres. We like having a diverse mix of established and emerging artists.

Our production teams are award-winning and vetted by us. They’re passionate about the hybrid future of music performances. (They’re also really talented, nice people.)

Watch the video about the series:

Each programme or set is created specifically for online audiences, and streamed in high definition on OnJam.

We challenge the artists and production teams to create experiences that are different to in-person concerts because we believe that online concerts should never be a pale imitation of an in-person gig.

For example, artists can choose to share more about their process than they would in a formal concert or with an in-person audience. Or, we might use editing techniques to bring in a new visual side to the music.

We film the OnJam Lounge concerts in single takes and in full high definition. We use multiple cameras and we work with professional sound engineers.

OnJam Lounge is exclusively on OnJam. By purchasing a ticket or tipping the artists, you will directly support the musicians and contribute towards future concerts in the series.

Edmund Jeffery plays guitar in his OnJam Lounge session
Singer-songwriter Edmund Jeffery at OnJam Lounge

Who’s performing?

OnJam LOUNGE kicks off on 8 September 2021 with five exciting artists playing in The Rattle in Shadwell in East London.

The artists are: Daisy Chute, EASYMESS, Jade Emperor, Edmund Jeffery and Jay Johnson. Among them, they bring musical influences from soul, folk, jazz, blues, Americana and hip hop.

And then next month in October, we will release an additional six concerts by an impressive group of classical and jazz musicians. The guest director will be Andy Staples.

To stay updated on releases and upcoming sessions, keep an eye on the OnJam Lounge landing page or sign up to our email newsletter. There will also be a limited number of in-person tickets available to attend recording sessions…

Daisy Chute and Jack Tustin perform banjo and double bass at The Rattle for OnJam Lounge
Daisy Chute and Jack Tustin perform at The Rattle for OnJam Lounge

How does OnJam LOUNGE work?

OnJam LOUNGE is produced by OnJam. We bring our award-winning production background and teams, and network of incredible artists.

The series exists to encourage creativity in online concerts and to make opportunities for musicians to earn meaningful revenues from their performances online.

Artists are paid an upfront fee and they also earn a share of ticket revenues.

We also encourage the artists to keep using their OnJam account to keep building their online revenue streams. They can collect tips or donations, sell merchandise (or other goods, like CDs or vinyls), or host more concerts or livestreams.

OnJam is free to use and we’re constantly improving the service, and adding new features.

How can I get involved?

To join the online audience, visit the OnJam LOUNGE landing page or sign up to OnJam’s newsletter for all the latest updates.

You can also follow us @onjamhq on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for behind-the-scenes pictures and videos, plus occasional offers or deals.

To perform or work with us, send us an email at hello@onjam.tv. We’ll be very happy to hear from you!

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