Our Roundup Of Interesting Online Concert Venues

We see all kinds of online concert venues at OnJam.

As you consider where your next concert might take place, we thought it might be useful to compile a list of the most common and unusual ones we’ve seen so far…

1. Warehouse spaces

Who doesn’t love a good warehouse space?! Warehouses are a great venue option if you want a space that is flexible and gives your audience a sense of depth and scale.

Darragh Morgan and Tim Gill play violin and cello in a warehouse space in East London.
Darragh Morgan and Tim Gill play violin and cello in a warehouse space in East London.

Some examples of online concerts filmed in warehouses include the award-winning Rêves de Jeux Mécaniques, or ‘Dreams of Mechanical Play’ (pictured above) and 1984 which was partially filmed in a warehouse space near London Bridge.

2. Barns in the English countryside

The Consone Quartet‘s BARNSTORMING! series takes its audience members into barns all over the English countryside.

As it turns out, beautiful chamber music and breathtaking old barns are quite the combination.

3. Churches or spaces that used to be churches

You might choose an ancient church in the mountains, a derelict chapel with a colourful history, or a grand cathedral in France. Either way, you can expect the acoustics will be good and the light will be beautiful.

Joe Chester plays keyboard as he sings in a 17th century church in Nice, France
Joe Chester plays keyboard as he sings in a 17th century church in Nice, France

4. Art galleries

As far as online concert venues go, art galleries can add a captivating visual element to your performance.

For example, Historiae de Divini // Tales of The Divine, a concert-film of Bach and Messiaen, combines two priceless pieces of art with the music. The result is a thought-provoking work of art in itself that makes us reflect on humanity and religion.

5. On a boat

This one took us by surprise. The Piano Boat floats up and down the canals of London hosting concerts for in-person audiences and online concerts on OnJam.

6. Studio spaces

A studio is an easy and professional choice for an online concert.

Many online concerts on OnJam take place in studios. Artists like Eliza G and Lady Maisery have chosen to film their concerts in studios.

Eliza G performs in a studio
Eliza G chose a studio for her online concert.

7. A… different kind of studio

In the height of lockdown, many businesses couldn’t operate. Gyms, restaurants and shops stood empty.

We saw some groups converting these spaces into make-shift studios: Greengage found a yoga studio with a spectacular floor-to-ceiling LED screen. Perfect for combining static or video backdrops with a filmed concert.

A yoga studio with a LED screen is used as an online concert venue
Eunsley Park plays in front of a LED screen in a yoga studio in London

8. Living rooms and at home

No list about online concert venues would be complete without a big shout-out to living room concerts, right?

The Ysaye Trio play in their living room in the Hague in The Netherlands
The Ysaye Trio play in their living room in the Hague in The Netherlands

A concert in your living room can still look and sound professional. Think about your background, overall aesthetic and acoustics before you film or livestream. Even small tweaks can make a big difference!

For a few examples, check out Alisdair Hogarth’s home recital or Simeon Wood’s feel-good “Feast of Music“. The Goldberg Variations: Meditations On Solitude features not one but two living rooms! One in the UK and one in The Netherlands.

9. Traditional concert or gig venues

It goes without saying… an online concert venue can be the same as an in-person concert venue. We’ve seen gorgeous concerts filmed or livestreamed from gorgeous spaces all over the world.

If you’re representing a venue, why not open your virtual doors to a global audience? You never know, if people discover your space on OnJam, they may show up in person one day as well…

Where can I find venues to use for my next gig?

For pointers on what to consider when you’re searching for the perfect venue, read our article How To Choose A Venue For Your Online Concert.

There are lots of great websites for finding your perfect online concert venue. Look for listings that include a strong internet set-up if you’re going to stream live, and experience working with production teams.

Here are a few good ones:

Tutti – describes itself as the “Airbnb for creative spaces” and lists over 900 venues available for hire by the hour or day. Everything is curated for people working in music, drama, film and TV.

TagVenue – browse over 5000 venues across the UK. We especially like their “unusual space” list, where the mix is eclectic: warehouse spaces, railway arches, libraries, lofts and more.

HireSpace – professionals in virtual and hybrid events, HireSpace lists a range of venues to fit all budgets. Their selection is particularly good if you’re searching for a larger venue with a “wow” factor: an iconic sports arena or music venue, historic palaces, galleries…

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