Musicians: take control of your own ticket sales with OnJam+Feed

Author: Nick Edwards. Nick is one of the founders of Feed, a brand new automated advertising platform built for musicians and creators, and has been working closely with OnJam to help more artists grow livestream ticket sales.

Artists and their teams can speak to their fans directly via Instagram or a mailing list, distribute their own music online on YouTube or Spotify and sell tickets, records and merch via their own website.

So why do so many still struggle to sell tickets to shows?

Put simply, there’s still a bottleneck when it comes to reach, attention and driving online sales. Musicians need a way to take control when it comes to:

  1. 1. Finding new audiences, and
  2. 2. Earning income from their audience.

At Feed, we are building a platform to let musicians do exactly that under their own steam, using the everyday content they post to create ads and hit those 2 objectives even when spending from £3/day.

We have seen the best results when Feed (promotion) is paired with a platform like OnJam (streaming, sales and distribution). Being able to reach new and existing audiences is great, but you also need a slick, user friendly way to sell tickets and broadcast digital shows to that audience.

It may seem obvious, but the user experience of streaming platforms matters: it directly influences how many tickets you can sell. OnJam has been a really strong performer compared with streaming platforms that have a clunkier UI, which therefore make it harder to convince your audience to buy tickets.

Below are a few recent case studies so you get a sense of what artists can do with their marketing spend.

The Swingles

The Swingles are a UK acapella group, and had been using Feed for a couple of months to build up an engaged following ahead of a big drive for ticket sales for an online concert hosted on OnJam.

They generated over £1,500 of ticket sales from £78 spend on Feed conversion ads – a huge 20x return on ad spend (ROAS)!

This result is admittedly an outlier, but the range of returns we are seeing are 2x to 20x – if you hit anywhere in that range, you’re doing very well.

London Concertante

Following a natural plateau in organic sales, chamber orchestra London Concertante wanted to boost revenue from their concert series broadcast via OnJam.

They were able to generate a 12x ROAS early on, driving £410 of ticket sales from £35 spend on ads.

The Gesualdo Six

The G6 are a chamber choir based in the UK, and wanted to make the most of their engaged audience on Facebook and Instagram when it came to growing livestream ticket sales.

From a ~£90 ad spend on Feed they were able to generate £480 of ticket sales on OnJam. That’s a very solid 5.6x ROAS.

In summary, the combination of OnJam+Feed can be a powerful monetisation tool for artists, allowing them to grow and track ticket income by both leveraging their existing audience and finding new people who love what they do.

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