Perform online concerts for your fans

OnJam provides the tools you need to easily host and monetise your online concerts and events, and grow your global audience.

OnJam concert interface
Stream live, pre-recorded or on-demand in full HD
Perform in gorgeous high definition video and audio. With full 320Kbps audio as standard. Broadcast your show 'as live' without the anxiety of going live.
Earn meaningful income from your online concerts or films
Control your own pricing and use our flexible ticketing with add-ons for physical merchandise, gifts, promotions and more. Payments are secure and tickets cannot be shared.
Interact with your fans and reach a new global audience
Online events are a great way to engage existing and new fans and supporters all over the world. There's always a reason why someone can't make it to a real world venue.

How artists and groups are using OnJam (so far!)

The David Gordon Trio performing
  • Sell tickets to a livestream
  • Premiere a film and host a post-show Q&A or party
  • Broadcast a recorded gig made for fans and supporters watching online
  • Offer pay-per-view HD videos on demand
  • Sell CDs, merch or printed programmes with tickets
  • Host virtual festivals and tours

What's included with OnJam

Free membership for artists,
arts organisations and venues

There are no limits on how much you upload, stream or earn.
What are you waiting for?! Join us

Nuts and bolts

  • Unlimited HD live broadcasting

  • Unlimited pre-recorded broadcasting and video on demand

  • Secure payments for tickets and tip jars

  • Authenticated and secure online tickets

  • Live event chat with audiences

  • Your own artist, organisation or venue profile page. An example

Community and support

  • Real person onboarding and help for your first show

  • Personal artist dashboard

  • Access to virtual masterclasses, tips from other creators etc

  • Email and live chat support

Revenue share


Three ways OnJam can benefit you today

Sign up for a free account. You’ll receive OnJam’s latest updates plus exclusive deals from our partners and us.

Share your tip jar and start collecting funds instantly. Add the link to your social media profile or website. You don’t need a show or video to collect tips.

Ticket existing videos for your fans to watch on demand. Say no to unlisted links, upload costs, fuzzy videos and patchy audio. Earn money as you sleep.

Payments are made instantly and directly to you. No need to wait until the end of the month and there are no minimum balances.

Artists & venues using OnJam

OnJam is an absolute delight to use, both as an artist and as an audience member. The interface is minimalist and intuitive; the quality outstanding...I’ll be using OnJam regularly for my future performances and I think it will be a game changer...

Alisdair Hogarth
Pianist and Director of The Prince Consort