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Neoclassical Pianist & Composer, Specialising in Felted Piano.

Tom is an young composer based in Leeds, England. He wro...te his first piano solo at the age of 12, and has since become well-known in the piano community for his fresh, unique sound.

After his debut release ‘‘Dreaming of Forever’, Tom's following grew rapidly, and in April 2019, he became an official BBC featured artist, with his track ‘‘Hiraeth’. In February 2019, Tom started working closely with Sonder House Music, led by stellar musician Kyle McEvoy. Since then, Tom has released many singles, with ‘‘Hopedale’ appearing on SonderHouse's ‘‘Recollections Vol.3’, which was featured in Spotify's mega Peaceful Piano and Instrumental Study playlists. He also released his debut EP ‘‘Bliss’ and his latest album ‘My Happy Place’ through the SonderHouse label.

In 2020, Tom started to work with the record labell 1631 Reordings, and has since released his first single with them ‘‘Opia’, backed by Decca Publishing and Universal Music Group. Recently, Tom released ‘‘Avenoir’, as part of SonderHouse’s ‘‘Recollections Vol.4’, shortly followed by a collaboration with Canadian pianist Jesse Brown, called ‘‘Notes from Tom’, which was added to 6 Spotify editorial lists within the first 4 days of release, including Peaceful Piano. Tom started 3 side projects in April 2020: ‘‘Les Mémoires’ (live solo piano recorded in Tom’s home studio), '‘The Felt Diaries’, released by 1631, portraying the delicate felted piano, and ‘‘LiFo”, a new Jazzhop Project. Since then, Tom has signed on to many other labels, including Andante Piano and Yellow Rose Records, and releases music under his own self-exclusive label Hammer and String for 6 of his monikers.

The main idea of Tom's music is to offer a place of relaxation in the midst of the hustle and bustle of day to day life. He hopes that you enjoy the music as much as he enjoys composing it for you :)
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