How to use OnJam video chat

Video chat rooms are a great way to meet your fans, host workshops and other virtual events. Each room can support a maximum of 1000 participants.

Here's a quick run through of how to use our video chat rooms.

1. Change views

You can switch between Speaker view and Grid view. With Speaker view, the speaker's video will be displayed prominently and other speakers will appear in a smaller grid.

Change views

2. Switch to grid view

With grid view, up to 25 cameras can be displayed on screen at one time.

Switch to grid view

3. Switching cameras

Click on the arrow next to the camera icon.

Switching cameras

4. Choose a camera

A list of available cameras will appear. Select the camera you'd like to stream from.

Choose a camera

5. Switch off your video

Click on the camera button to switch on/off your camera

Switch off your video

6. Mute your audio

Click on the microphone button to mute or unmute your mic.

Mute your audio

7. View and manage video chat participants

Click on the 'People' button to view a list of connected participants. Here you can mute participants or remove them from the chat.

View and manage video chat participants

8. Click on Pin yourself

Click on Pin yourself

9. Manage participant

To manage the participant, click on the 3 dots next to their name. 

Manage participant

10. Mute all participants

First, click the 'People' button to open the participant list. Next click the 'Mute all' button.

Mute all participants

11. Mute new participants

After clicking the 'Mute All' button, tick the 'Mute new participants' checkbox to automatically mute anyone new that joins the chat.

Mute new participants

12. Share you screen

Click the 'Share' button to open the browser dialog to share you screen.

Share you screen

13. Video chat settings

Click on the cog icon to open the settings menu.

Video chat settings

14. Audio & video devices

Choose the audio and video devices to stream from.

Audio & video devices

15. Video quality

We recommend using 'auto' as it will attempt to choose the best quality for your network. If you're having trouble with video playback then try using a lower quality setting. 

Video quality