Creative Ways To Use OnJam Rooms For Your Online Event

OnJam Rooms is here! We’re so excited to release OnJam Rooms, a new feature that makes it easy to turn any filmed or livestreamed concert into a fun, social and multi-dimensional event for your audience.

Here at OnJam, we believe that musicians and artists should be able to perform online without compromising on quality or the audience experience. And that they should be paid fairly along the way.

Sound interesting? Here’s more about how OnJam Rooms can help…

Creative ways to use OnJam Rooms

There are many ways to use OnJam Rooms. The only limit is your imagination!

To get you started, we’ve listed a few ideas.

We’ve built OnJam Rooms to be flexible and intuitive, so you can tailor your Rooms to your audience and your event.

1. Set up your Main Stage

The Main Stage is home to your flagship performance.

Here’s how your Main Stage might look, with your HD (or 4K) video and live text chat enabled:

Example OnJam Rooms main stage film

If it’s a filmed or pre-recorded concert, you’ll upload the file and schedule the start time in advance. This means you are free to enjoy the stream with the audience in high definition with crystal clear audio.

If it’s a livestream, you’ll go live at your scheduled time. No need to upload anything in advance.

Read our how-to guide on livestreaming with OnJam to make sure you’re making the most of OnJam’s high definition video and audio streaming.

2. Create a virtual bar or social area, or host an afterparty

Create an OnJam Room for your audience members to socialise. It’s their choice whether or not they turn on their cameras.

Call it “the bar” or “open space” or whatever you like. Ask some musicians to hang out there before or after the scheduled concert. Early bird audience members or super fans always love meeting the performers. And who doesn’t love an afterparty?!

Set your custom background to set the scene. Otherwise, it’ll default to dark mode.

3. Add an interactive event or workshop to your concert

Give people a chance to participate with a live and interactive event before or after the main event. OnJam concerts and events have had add-on educational workshops, virtual group cooking classes, Q&A discussions and more. Why not offer this as a special add-on?

If your interactive event is before the Main Stage concert, make it easy for people to join at the right time. Your audience will be notified when the Main Stage opens.

No need to open a new app, frantically search for the right link to click, or type in any passwords.

4. Give your audience a live welcome

Want to say a few words to the audience before the Main Stage opens?

Create an OnJam Room that opens before the Main Stage, and livestream yourself welcoming the audience. Once you’ve finished, head over to the Main Stage with everyone else.

5. Livestream an encore or bonus song after the concert

After the Main Stage concert is over, surprise your fans by calling them over to your “Studio” for an exclusive livestream.

It’s up to you whether it’s just you appearing on the stream or if your audience can also turn on their cameras to appear on video.

6. Share ‘behind the scenes’ footage with your fans

Create an OnJam Room for your fans and supporters to learn more about how you made the Main Stage concert. To do this, upload a video on OnJam or embed a publicly available video on Vimeo or YouTube, or a photo gallery.

Your audience members can browse this page before, during or after the main concert. That’s up to you.

7. Share your fundraising video in an OnJam Room

Think of this as your information table. Make an OnJam Room to share your fundraising video or campaign information with your audience.

Audience members can easily send you a tip or donation using OnJam, and the funds will immediately appear in your Stripe account.

8. Display your programme or set list in an OnJam Room

Embed a PDF, a video or a series of images to tell your audience about your programme or set list.

You might choose to open this room before your Main Stage opens, so people who arrive early can see more about what they’re about to experience.

You can also upload a programme or other PDF to your OnJam event when setting up your event. It will appear as a button below your event.

9. Share teasers for your upcoming concerts or recordings

Do you have concerts coming up (virtual or in person), or are you about to release a new recording or EP? Give your fans a sneak peek by embedding a trailer or snippet of your upcoming work.

When you embed a Vimeo or YouTube link, it will appear in your extra OnJam Room like this:

OnJam Rooms with a bonus video embedded.

Share a link to purchase tickets in the live chat. Strike while the iron’s hot!

See OnJam Rooms in action

To experience OnJam Rooms for yourself, check out the upcoming events on OnJam. We’ll see you in the audience!

If you’re an artist with a free OnJam account, you can create an event using OnJam Rooms by just logging in to your account.

And of course if you have any questions or would like a demo, just drop us a line at We’ll be very happy to hear from you.

We hope you like OnJam Rooms. Tell us what you think!

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