Reimagining music and theatre for a digital world.

Greengage pushes the creative boundaries of digital performances, s...upport artists and make brilliant music and theatre more accessible than ever before.

We believe digital performances should be a lot more than a pale imitation of 'the real thing'.

We seek to uncover creative opportunities that don't exist in physical venues or with solely in-person audiences. We believe digital should add meaningfully to the art and the audience experience.

To do this, we bring together artistic, production and technical teams using high definition video, sound engineering, livestreaming technologies and editing techniques.

We collaborate with brilliant, diverse artists spanning multiple art-forms and genres (sometimes all at once!) and always pay them.

Our production teams come from equally varied backgrounds and we encourage them to bring these influences to our productions.

We have a range of artistic collaborators: theatre directors, orchestral conductors, writers, actors and musicians. We produce both live and recorded productions.
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