ANÚNA - A Whisper of Paradise

ANÚNA - A Whisper of Paradise


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Experience the magic of ANÚNA, one of the world’s most original vocal ensembles, in a beautiful recorded performance from Saint Bartholomew’s Church in the heart of Dublin city.

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ANÚNA are one of the world's most acclaimed and unique vocal groups, founded in 1987 by Irish composer Michael McGlynn....The name of the ensemble is derived from the three ancient types of Irish music Suantraí (lullaby), Geantraí (song of joy) and Goltraí (song of sorrow). Their music is created my McGlynn and their are to be found on everything from TV specials on PBS through video games soundtracks (Diablo III & Xenoblade II) to Japanese Noh plays. Timeless, mystical and serene - a state of mind to be savoured.
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