New Sounds for Old Winds # 2

26th Jun 2021 6:30pm (BST)

Premiere broadcast + on demand

The broadcast will begin on 26th Jun 2021 6:30pm (BST) with on-demand video available for 28 days after the show.

Beethoven arr. Percival: Grande Sonata in Eb op. 7 and Mozart arr. Percival: Symphony no. 40 – new arrangements for historical winds by Robert Percival

Eighteenth and early nineteenth century Harmonien specialised in playing arrangements. Skilled arrangers reinvented everything from operas and symphonies to chamber music and piano sonatas, often to perform with their own ensembles of wind instruments. This wasn’t just about peddling popular tunes – arrangements allowed the hugely popular Harmonien and their exceptional musicians to present their own take on the latest and best music. 

New Sounds for Old Winds #2 is a feast of Harmoniemusik kleptomania with two brand-new arrangements. Inspired the success of the anonymous 1810 arrangement of Beethoven’s Sonata Pathetique, featured on our recent CD Beethoven Transformed vol. 2, our bassoonist Robert Percival has created a version of Beethoven’s early piano sonata in Eb op. 7 for six-part Harmonie. Following the example of his early-19th century counterparts, Robert hasn’t simply transcribed the sonata, but re-thought its textures and figuration to create a true piece of wind music.

One of the problems of being a wind player in an orchestra is having to sit at the back, doing as you are told. The solution? Get rid of the rest of the orchestra, of course! Eighteenth century wind players weren’t shy about arranging symphonies by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and others for Harmonie. Following their example, Mozart’s ever popular G minor Symphony has been turned by Robert into a small-but-mighty wind sextet, allowing the wind players to 'take charge’ and give it the full Boxwood treatment!

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