Mozart's First & Last... Part 1

Mozart's First & Last... Part 1

La Nuova Musica

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The first half of our Mozart's First & Last Programme featuring:

La Nuova Musica's fresh look at Mozart's Symphony No 1 in E flat, K16 (1764) written when he was just 8 years old and seeing the development of his compositional style in Symphony No 29 in A, K201 (1774)  written 10 years later. Presented alongside a documentary-style look into Mozart's life and work, adding context and depth to this wonderful programme. Interviews and music with  David Bates, Rachel Podger and Joseph McHardy.

Directed by David Bates

Leader Rachel Podger


Mozart -  Symphony No 1 in E flat, K16 (1764)

Mozart - Symphony No 29 in A, K201 (1774)

This is the first half of a two-part programme. Please join us to explore Mozart's composing through to his last, fully-developed Jupiter Symphony Number 41 with Mozart's First & Last, Part 2 - available here on OnJam

Supported by the Continuo Foundation 

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La Nuova Musica strives to reveal new aspects of familiar repertoire, expose lesser-known works from the Baroque and Cla...ssical periods and showcase new commissions through dynamic performances and recordings.
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