OnJam Lounge Marsyas Trio at Fidelio Cafe

Marsyas Trio at Fidelio Cafe

29th Oct 2021 7:15pm (BST)

Premiere broadcast + on demand

The broadcast will begin on 29th Oct 2021 7:15pm (BST) with on-demand video available for 30 days after the premiere. Tickets purchased after the premiere will give you access for 30 days.


29th October 2021

7:15pm (BST)
Main Stage
Enter a whimsical world of film, travel and music with the Marsyas Trio.
7:50pm (BST)
Post-show discussion

Enter a whimsical world of archival film, travel and music with the Marsyas Trio's OnJam Lounge session.

Immerse yourself in a multimedia world where film and music merge.

Featuring “Five Impressions of a Holiday” by Eugene Goosens, “Not just a Place (dark memories from an old tango hall)” by Cecilia McDowall, and Haydn’s Trio No. 29 in G Major.

Guest directed by Andrew Staples. This music-film is 37 minutes long.

With public domain footage from Charlie Chaplin's pre-1918 films.

Watch a video snippet...

Excerpt from Haydn's Trio No. 29 in G Major.

The schedule on 29 October:

7:15pm - Film premiere

7:50pm -  Post-premiere live discussion with the artists

Your tickets will give you access to both the film premiere and the post-premiere discussion.

Your ticket gives you access to watch the film for 30 days after the premiere broadcast or ticket purchase, whichever is later.

Production stills

About Marsyas Trio

The London-based Marsyas Trio, formed in 2009 by graduates of the Royal Academy of Music, is the UK’s leading flute, cello and piano ensemble. The mythology of Marsyas’ name represents the trio’s ambition to revive and challenge tradition in chamber music. The Trio inspires a generation of new works through commissioning initiatives and recording projects, while bringing to the public forgotten music from the Classical & Romantic eras to the present day.

The Marsyas Trio has been delivering engaging and innovative work in the publicly funded arts sector for over a decade - unique within classical chamber music, their ‘no-boundaries’ ethos focuses on women composers and cross-art collaborations.

About this film and OnJam Lounge

OnJam Lounge is a series of informal, intimate concerts designed for audiences to get a rare glimpse into musicians’ worlds and process.

Andrew Staples, director of the films, said: “OnJam Lounge sessions are special. They let you get close to world-class artists in a setting where everyone feels relaxed and creatively supported. This is bespoke content made for your screen but aiming to capture that essence of excitement that makes live performances unique. It’s unvarnished - yet highly polished.”

Produced by Emily Ingram for OnJam.

With special thanks to the Fidelio Cafe

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The Marsyas Trio, formed by graduates of the Royal Academy of Music, is the UK’s leading Flute, Cello & Piano ensemble....We have been delivering innovative work in the publicly funded arts sector for over a decade. Our ‘no-boundaries’ ethos focuses on performing music by women composers, initiating cross-art collaborations and commissioning new works and recording projects. The Marsyas Trio's work has been supported by organisations including Arts Council England, PRSF, RVW Trust and the Britten-Pears Foundation. Our latest CD 'In the Theatre of Air' (NMC Recordings 2018) showcased music by British and American women composers and debuted at No. 7 in the classical charts. We performed this programme during our first North American tour with the support by the HMUK 'Do It Differently' fund.
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